About Us!

SevenOne Films was founded by two creative partners that started their professional careers together, apprenticing for a TV production company. They then decided to carve their own moves – with one venturing into corporate video productions, while the other successfully forge his reputation in TV production projects.

A simple text was all it took for both of them to realise how very much aligned their interests were and how both feel they can greatly contribute to the creative industry as partners in SevenOne Films.

The name ‘SevenOne’ pays homage to the place where both had apprenticed together many years back. This name reminds them of their formative years in the industry and serves as a motivation to deliver professional services to their clients.

SevenOne Films is a full-fledged video production company that strives to meet clients’ needs with touches of creative flair. We value storytelling as the core of our business. We constantly put forth our creativity and enthusiasm to the assignments while aiming to push the boundaries of our art. Every frame that goes into the video is meticulously thought of – nothing is accidental. That is our commitment to you!